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    Who is eligible to apply?

    • 21-70 years old
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    Discover the features of our Instant Online Loan, which offers installment credit with flexible payment options:

    • Choose a repayment period that suits your needs, with options ranging from three to six months.
    • Apply for loan amounts ranging from 10,000 PhP to 50,000 PhP depending on your financial requirements.
    • Enjoy competitive interest rates of 11.9% per month, with a maximum APR of 143%.

    Representative example: 

    If you opt for a PHP 20,000 loan with a repayment period of six months, your monthly installment will be PHP 5,000. With a total cost of PHP 2,383 per month (APR=143%), this loan is an affordable way to fulfill your financial needs.

    How do Instant Loans Work in the Philippines?

    In remote regions of the Philippines, accessing formal banking services may be difficult, which leaves a large part of the population without conventional banking options. This creates a dual challenge as many must journey to more populated areas, only to encounter crowded banks and sluggish service due to high customer traffic and protracted documentation processes. Conversely, obtaining an online loan is a speedy and attainable process that requires only a valid ID and proof of income.

    To apply, simply establish an account on an online platform, provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate creditworthiness, and receive a verdict within minutes. With a significant proportion of the population connected to the Internet, online loans have emerged as a preferred alternative for pressing financial requirements. They offer convenience and rapidity without the inconvenience of traveling to distant banks and enduring lengthy queues.

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